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Montana State uses bye week to break tendencies

Montana State’s Jeff Choate sounds off on spring session, ‘glad it’s over’
Posted at 6:28 PM, Oct 21, 2019

BOZEMAN — It feels like Montana State's bye week couldn't have happened at a better time following the Bobcats' 34-21 loss to Sacramento State back on Oct. 12.

The players got the rest and the recovery they needed, but it also gives Jeff Choate and his staff time to examine things that didn't go right the week prior. One of the biggest points of emphasis Choate touched on was breaking out of tendencies. Getting out of their complacency and trying some new looks and schemes may just be what gets the Bobcats back into the win column in Grand Forks when MSU visits North Dakota this weekend.

“I think that was critical. I mean, the coordinators stuck around and we dug in on Sunday and Monday really hard and looked at us," Choate said. "I think, certainly, every team develops tendencies and I think you've got to look at that and you’ve got to see it for what it is. But I think you've got to be self-aware and know that, 'Hey, in this situation we’ve been doing this a lot,' and you’ve got to be willing to adjust, and that was a big emphasis the first part of the week.”

Montana State kicks off at North Dakota at 11 a.m. MDT.