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Montana State starting quarterback Matthew McKay 'owning the opportunity'

Montana State starting quarterback Matthew McKay 'owning the opportunity'
Posted at 12:49 PM, Aug 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-11 15:21:49-04

BOZEMAN — Last week, Montana State starting quarterback Matt McKay spoke to the media for the first time since he transferred from North Carolina State.

The new Bobcat won the starting job in the spring out of a quarterback group that offensive coordinator Taylor Housewright described as the best he has been able to coach.

“Quarterback room we push each other day in and day out. In the film room, off the field, on the field. It’s definitely a fun competition,” McKay said about the competition this past spring.

In 2019, his sophomore season at NC State, McKay played in six games throwing for 910 yards, with three passing touchdowns and four more rushing. McKay didn't want to dive to deep into the specifics of why he left Wolfpack.

"I just know the situation wasn’t the best for me and I just felt like I should make a move after that last season." said McKay. "I finished it out and then opened my options to different schools and Montana State was the best option for me.”

Head Coach Brent Vigen has coached players like Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen at Wyoming and Indianapolis Colts QB Carson Wentz at North Dakota State. How does McKay compare to those guys?

“From a physical standpoint, has the size component, can throw and can run," Vigen said. "He’s extremely competitive and he loves the game of football. He’s in tune and as emerged as anybody on our team.”

Ask anybody in the quarterback room, Vigen having that pedigree has them eager to learn under his tutelage.

“Understanding that he’s been around those guys and coached those guys and the knowledge he has from them and what he has taught them, he’s just teaching us," said McKay. "I think it’s really cool and it’s helping us a lot.”

One thing that Vigen and McKay highlighted was the quarterback’s ability to lead.

“I like his makeup," Vigen said. "He’s continuing to own this opportunity and become a more of a leader. His competitiveness rubs off on others.”

As for how McKay can continue to grow:

“Where I need to go is probably just building more chemistry with guys," he said. "I think that’s where anybody can grow just with a new team you got to build chemistry on the field and off the field. Especially with COVID happening, everybody’s in quarantine, I think that was tough just not being able to see guys."

Fans always ask about McKay, what does he want the fans to know about him?

“I’m a leader," he said. "(I) just want to make a difference in everybody’s lives on my team and in the community. I just like to have fun and play football and just give back.”