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Montana State Bobcats freshman QB Tommy Mellott making the most of every opportunity

QB Tommy Mellott celebrates a 74-yard touchdown run
Posted at 1:35 PM, Oct 12, 2021

BOZEMAN — Montana State's backup freshman quarterback Tommy Mellott has made the most of his time on the field for the Bobcats, whether it be on special teams making tackles or coming in to run the ball on offense.

“Just whenever I’m on the field I feel comfortable," Mellott said. "I don’t think one specific role has made me more or less comfortable than another.”

The Butte native always has to be ready to go out on the field, his number could be called at anytime.

“Two weeks ago, I remember I was going off to the punt team and then all of a sudden they call my package (on offense)," he said. "I was jogging one way and then I sprinted back and threw my glove off to the side and hopped in. It’s just staying in tune and being locked into what the whole team was doing and just taking that shot that you got.”

Last week when he was put in on offense, Mellott ran for a 74-yard touchdown in the Bobcats 45-7 win over Cal Poly.

“Everything worked out perfect and I just happened to be the person to run the ball on that play," Mellott said. "Super exciting. Great opportunity. But really, it was guys upfront and the game plan that made me successful on that play.”

The previous coaching regime spoke highly of Mellott, and so does the new one. Head coach Brent Vigen and his staff are going to make sure they get Mellott and his athleticism on the field.

“We’ve said it I think every week in some facet that Tommy Mellott is one of our better playmakers and we’ll continue find ways to get him involved," Vigen said. "Shoot. He’s running down on kickoff, first guy down there a bunch too. Really pleased with what Tommy brings to this team and we’ll look forward to him doing more and more of that.”

It’s not just the coaching staff but his teammates praise him as well.

“He’s a great athlete, great quarterback," said junior quarterback Matthew McKay. "He’s smart on and off the field. Quiet dude at times, but I mean just his spirit and character is something that fits well in the quarterback room and is fun to be around.”

Mellott says he couldn’t ask for much more than to have the coaching staff and teammates believe in him.

“I’m a younger guy, said Mellott. "I was here last year but didn’t really have a season, didn’t get to play, but I’m just very grateful for everyone on the team to believe in me and once I crossed the line for everyone to be happy for me. I think that’s just a testament to who this team is.”

Mellott and the Bobcats face their toughest test of the season since Wyoming this Friday at Weber State, who's 2-3 on the season. Fans can watch the game on ESPNU.