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Montana State Bobcat Fallyn Freije growing appreciation for Cat-Griz rivalry

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Posted at 11:13 PM, Feb 18, 2020

BOZEMAN -- Fallyn Freije is no stranger to playing the University of Montana. She faced off against the Lady Griz plenty during her time with the University of North Dakota women's basketball team. But this year has been different.

Freije transferred from the Fighting Hawks to Montana State in 2018, sitting out a year due to NCAA transfer rules. Now the senior forward finds herself in the middle of the Cat-Griz rivalry. Before she transferred to Bozeman from North Dakota, Freije played in Missoula, she knows the atmosphere is tough. But she has an entirely new appreciation now that she's part of the rivalry.

"I feel like the crowd environment, the reffing and all that stuff was pretty similar (while playing Montana). I thought maybe that would be a little harsh or intense, but it really wasn't because I think part of that was when we played them while I was at (the University of North Dakota) it was always pretty close games," said Freije. "Definitely the hype of social media leading up to the game and once you win all of the alumni saying stuff. It was pretty cool and pretty special and I think it's absolutely a true rivalry and fun to win those games."

Freije didn't back down in the big moments in her first Cat-Griz game on Feb 1 in Missoula. She dropped 27 points against the Griz, scoring 10 of the Cats' 15 points in overtime as they beat Montana 66-61. The Edmore, North Dakota native leads MSU with 13.2 points per game and will need to bring that same intensity to the Cat-Griz game in Bozeman.

But first Portland State awaits the Bobcats at Worthington Arena on Thursday at 7 p.m. before Cat-Griz kicks off Saturday at 2 p.m.