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Montana State Athletics establishes Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Posted at 5:45 PM, Sep 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-28 21:56:44-04

(Editor's note: Montana State athletics release)

BOZEMAN -- As a foundational element of continually fostering a culture of acceptance, Bobcat Athletics has established a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, Montana State University Director of Athletics Leon Costello announced.

Comprised of 14 individuals from Bobcat Athletics and the MSU community, the Committee aims is to promote a culture of learning, acceptance and collaboration within the department and throughout the MSU campus under the direction of Aaron Grusonik, Director of Student-Athlete Wellness. Costello said the Committee’s charge is to initiate personal and collective growth while serving as a resource for all student-athletes, coaches and staff members within in Bobcat Athletics.

“This is an important initiative that brings together people with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences,” Costello said. “Supporting or student-athletes and providing resources for their continual growth and development is a top priority, and this committee creates a platform for ideas to become action. Montana State University is a very diverse campus, and we’re always able to accomplish greater things when we work together. This group will be a tremendous resource for our department and will work to create real change that positively impacts people.”

Grusonik said the committee will rely on collaboration to determine and then meet its goals. “The aim of this group is to promote a culture of learning, safety, acceptance and partnership,” he said. “We’ll work to establish initiatives that promote educational, institutional and individual growth in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion within athletics and on the campus as a whole.”

Committee members include student-athletes Daniel Hardy (football), Skye Lindsay (women’s basketball), Jaharie Martin (football, Ty Mogan (track and field), and Susanne Sovde (volleyball); coaches Jen Allen (track and field), Jimmy Beal (football), Bobby Daly (football), and Sunny Smallwood (women’s basketball); athletics staff members Sierra Fredricksen (academics), Bill Lamberty (media relations), and Austin Yapias (athletic training); and MSU staff members Precious Diamond (Diversity and Inclusion), and George Haynes (Agriculture Extension and Faculty Athletics Representative).