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Montana State athletic director Leon Costello urges that 'everybody does their part'

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Posted at 4:34 PM, Jul 09, 2020

BOZEMAN — Montana Governor Steve Bullock and Montana State head football coach Jeff Choate held a press conference Tuesday urging Montanans to mask up so that a football season can, in fact, happen this fall. MSU athletic director Leon Costello echoed similar sentiments while addressing a wide variety of issues with the media.

Among the many topics discussed, Costello addressed whether a fall football season will kick off during the coronavirus pandemic. He said, as of right now, the Bobcats are still slated to play a full schedule this fall, pending decisions from FCS and Big Sky Conference officials.

The potential of playing a spring football season also has not been ruled out yet, either. Costello, though, reiterated that the likelihood of having a fall season will keep increasing if the university, along with the Bozeman and greater Montana communities, continue to do their parts to keep everyone safe.

“We’re heavily reliant on what’s going on in our community because of the way decisions are going to be made moving forward. We just ask that everybody does their part," said Costello. "We’ve asked our student-athletes and coaches to do their part and when they’re out in the community either stay six feet apart and socially distance, and if you can’t wear a mask, not only protect yourself but protect others. We have some great public figures in our staff that can set a good example for what we do outside these walls. We can control these walls, but outside of here we can set some good examples.”

Costello also said that MSU student-athletes have been strongly urged to wear masks anytime they’re out in public.