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Montana State, Bozeman Health announce addition of clinic to new athletic facility

Bobcats and Bozeman Health announce addition of clinic to new athlete facility
Posted at 5:50 PM, Jul 27, 2020

BOZEMAN — Montana State University and Bozeman Health announced a partnership on Monday for a new health clinic inside the Bobcat Athletic Complex, which is set to open next summer as an addition to Bobcat Stadium.

“I think it’s putting our thoughts into action and really providing them with healthcare that is second to none across the county,” said Montana State director of athletics Leon Costello.

The facility will provide healthcare for student-athletes, faculty and staff.

“We want to take care of the student-athletes while they’re here and provide them with the best possible care," Costello said. "It’s athletics, right? And things are going to happen, injuries are going to happen. We want to know that we have the best possible care for them to rehab those injuries and get back as quickly as they can.”

The Bozeman Health facility adds 5,500 square feet to the new complex, which was already almost 40,000.

“This will kind of broaden our ability to do some of that care with some more testing we can do here and also being right at the football stadium," said Montana State head team physician Dr. Karl Reisig. "If something were to happen during a game it will allow us to more privately and easily examine someone and see if they can go back in -- say like a concussion or like an injury that might need an X-ray, we can do that right on site and potentially get them right back in the game.”

Most of all, it will be a nice addition for the current student-athletes, but it will also help recruiting in the future.

"When families bring their students or their kids to campus, we want them to know when they’re dropping them off to go to school here that we are going to care for them and we have the resources and facilities to do just that," said Costello.