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Livingston ready to kick off inaugural high school baseball season

Posted at 3:33 PM, Mar 29, 2024

LIVINGSTON — When you look around the Livingston gym as the baseball team practices, it doesn’t look like a high school team preparing for its inaugural season.

That’s because these kids have been part of the American Legion program in town and are trying to roll some success into the school.

“We have a great group of boys that have been successful in the Babe Ruth and Legion programs," head coach Ryan Anderson said. "We're young, but we have a really strong group of sophomores and freshman, then with the eighth graders coming up we're excited about where we're headed, not just this year but in the future."

"I think we're all excited. We are a young team, but as seniors we've been waiting for a strong baseball program in town. We've always had Legion, but I think we're all very excited to have high school baseball," senior catcher Bridger Braham said.

Young may be an understatement, as the Rangers will feature just three seniors and three juniors, but that shows the level of excitement among the younger crowd to get baseball rolling.

“We had 25 kids come out for the baseball team, and that's exciting. It sent a message to the community that baseball is important," Anderson said.

“It's really exciting to have it as a high school sport. It's the first high school sport I've played. It's usually Babe Ruth and Legion, so it's exciting," senior outfielder Wister Tewell said.

There have, of course, been challenges for Livingston, which also features a pair of kids from Big Timber, but at least the numbers will allow the Rangers to play both a JV and varsity schedule.

“We'd like to get outside as much as we can. It's funny how mild the winter seemed but spring has come in a little bit like a Lion. That's probably been the biggest challenge," Anderson said.

Livingston was supposed to begin its season in Sidney on Friday but had the game canceled late Thursday evening, though the Rangers are trying to find a way to play this weekend in Columbus if possible.