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Helena Legion Baseball hosts Angel Fund for 16th annual Stuff the Bus school supply drive

Posted at 1:46 PM, Jul 11, 2022

HELENA — The Helena Reps will play a doubleheader against the Tri-County Cardinals on Tuesday and proceeds will go towards a great cause. Ticket, bar, and concessions sales, as well as donations will go towards the Angel Fund and its 16th annual Stuff the Bus school supply drive.

The Angel Fund has been around for 33 years and helps assist families in Helena and surrounding districts get clothing for school. Stuff the Bus helps underprivileged families get supplies so that students can come to school prepared.

Due to COVID-19, Stuff the Bus only takes monetary donations. There will be buckets around the stadium for donations.

“COVID really changed a lot of things. Historically, Stuff the Bus was more of a physical school supplies donation, and then with the pandemic, that changed to all monetary things, which has actually helped us be more efficient with the funds. And so really what we have is anticipated funding and different people in the different schools know what school supplies they anticipate needing, because every level has different school supplies... it gives the schools more flexibility to be more efficient with their spending,” Kevin Flatow, Helena Middle School counselor and Angel Fund and Stuff the Bus Coordinator said.

At the game, make sure to wear school apparel or tell the gate attendant what school you are representing. Check marks will be taken and donations will be divided by school attendance.

“I think with the pandemic, and then just the cost of living in our community that's really gone up the last couple years, you know, families have to make decisions, tough decisions sometimes. And so for a student or a child to be able to come into school and know that a backpack and just basic school supplies, which can get really spendy, is taken care of that takes a that takes takes away a determinant of them in their learning and so hopefully they can hop right in the classroom and get to learning along with the school supplies is the the clothes as well, you know, kids grow at this age, and they go through clothes pretty quickly. So it's a huge help for families to be able to just come to school and get some basic needs taken care of right away,” Flatow said.

The Angel Fund has a goal to help 1,400 kids this year.

“Depending on the grade level, students and families either have $150, up to $200, to go spend at a handful of different retailers around town, it's a pretty slick deal. They get to go shop for their own stuff,” Flatow added.

Game times for Kindrick Legion’s Stuff the Bus night are 5 and 7:30 p.m.