Special Olympics


Special Olympics athletes embracing challenge of golf

Posted at 10:15 PM, May 11, 2022

BILLINGS — Golf is one of the more difficult and challenging sports, but two of our Special Olympics athletes are taking the challenge head on.

“Yeah, sometimes I get frustrated, but it’s fun," said Brandy Peterson.

“If your hips come through too fast, it leaves your club head open and you slice the ball," said Bill Christophersen. "Or if you swing too fast and your club head is closed, it hooks the ball the other way."

Bill has been playing for roughly twenty years, and both he and Brandy are advanced enough to play their own ball with a unified partner. His favorite part on the course?

“I love my irons. Driving is fun, but I have a really bad slice with some of them because I have what they call a baseball swing," Christophersen said.

At the end of the day, though, it isn’t the scores that mean the most to these guys. The camaraderie on the course and building relationships is one of the best aspects.

“Good sportsmanship," Peterson said. "I think it’s really fun meeting new people.”

“What they do is they put you with other people and you go out with a group that’s in the same skill level as you," Christophersen said. "So we all go hit, end up on the green in two or three strokes, then if they get a par it’s like, ‘Hey, good job! Good job!’”

Bill and Brandy will take place in the area games in Billings on Sunday.