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SCOREBOARD: High school wrestling – Jan. 25

Posted at 10:22 PM, Jan 25, 2019

Below are the results from the high school wrestling matches on Friday, Jan. 25.

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Great Falls High def. Great Falls CMR 45-18

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Garden City Duals

Missoula Big Sky 58, Missoula Hellgate 6
Missoula Big Sky 42, Missoula Sentinel 18
Missoula Sentinel 59, Missoula Hellgate 9

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Sidney-Fairview (SIFA) def. Baker (BAKE) 66-6

103: Christian Lassey (SIFA) over (BAKE) (For.)
113: Kaiden Cline (SIFA) over Tegan Miller (BAKE) (Fall 2:59)
120: Grady Nelson (SIFA) over (BAKE) (For.)
126: Everett Jensen (SIFA) over Donnie Steen (BAKE) (Fall 3:33)
132: Kolton Reid (SIFA) over Dalton Lecoe (BAKE) (Fall 3:20)
138: Kyler Afrank (BAKE) over Wyatt Reid (SIFA) (Fall 0:42)
145: Zander Burnison (SIFA) over Bruce Higbee (BAKE) (Fall 1:49)
152: Jace Winter (SIFA) over Avery Uecker (BAKE) (Fall 0:54)
160: Riley Waters (SIFA) over (BAKE) (For.)
170: Easton Hopes (SIFA) over (BAKE) (For.)
182: Trevor Dean (SIFA) over Ethan Reichenberg (BAKE) (Fall 0:44)
205: Ryan Wyman (SIFA) over (BAKE) (For.)
285: Double Forfeit

Libby-Troy (LITR) 33, Browning (BROW) 33

103: Double Forfeit
113: JC Larson (BROW) over (LITR) (For.)
120: Buddy Doolin (LITR) over Ashton Flamond (BROW) (Fall 1:56)
126: John LaPlant (BROW) over (LITR) (For.)
132: Zack Morrison (LITR) over Jeffrey Mad Man (BROW) (Fall 1:36)
138: Jeff Offenbecher (LITR) over Brennan Running Crane (BROW) (Fall 3:34)
145: Trey Thompson (LITR) over Chance Kittson (BROW) (Fall 3:24)
152: Zane Nordwick (LITR) over (BROW) (For.)
160: Ryan Kipp (BROW) over Hunter Hoover (LITR) (Dec 5-1)
170: Tucker Masters (LITR) over Ryan Running Crane (BROW) (Dec 7-5)
182: Tommy Campbell (BROW) over (LITR) (For.)
205: Jayden Salios (BROW) over (LITR) (For.)
285: Wacey Zuback (BROW) over (LITR) (For.)

Polson (POLS) 48, Libby-Troy (LITR) 24

103: Gavin Knutson (POLS) over (LITR) (For.)
113: Rene Pierre (POLS) over (LITR) (For.)
120: Buddy Doolin (LITR) over Kedrick Baker (POLS) (Fall 1:24)
126: Maysn Cowell (POLS) over (LITR) (For.)
132: Zack Morrison (LITR) over Jarod Farrier (POLS) (Fall 1:09)
138: Jeff Offenbecher (LITR) over Dugan Davis (POLS) (Fall 1:27)
145: Trey Thompson (LITR) over Caleb Pierre (POLS) (Dec 7-0)
152: Bridger Wenzel (POLS) over Hunter Hoover (LITR) (Fall 0:58)
160: Tucker Masters (LITR) over Kaleb Unger (POLS) (Dec 8-6)
170: Hunter Fritsch (POLS) over (LITR) (For.)
182: Hunter Pittsley (POLS) over (LITR) (For.)
205: Aaron O`Roake (POLS) over (LITR) (For.)
285: Jasper Drake (POLS) over (LITR) (For.)