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SCOREBOARD: High school wrestling – Jan. 3

Posted at 10:32 PM, Jan 03, 2019

Below are the results from the high school wrestling matches on Thursday, Jan. 3.

Results can be submitted by emailing sports@ktvh.com.

Chester-Joplin-Inverness Wrestling Mixer
Teams: CJI, Chinook, Fort Benton/Big Sandy, Shelby, Harlem, Poplar, Circle

113 – Stormer, Cir def Spangelo, Har Fall :27; Taylor, Cir def Longknife, Har Fall 1:29; Bartelson, Cir def Frederick, Pop 12-8; Stormer, Cir def Frederick, Pop 14-3; Taylor, Cir def Spangelo, Har Fall :40; Bartelson, Cir def Longknife, Har Fall :19
120 – Martin, Pop def Pew, Cir Fall 1:05; Gorder, Pop def Jackson, Har Fall :24; Gorder, Pop def. Pew, Cir Fall 1:03; Youngman, Pop def Jackson, Har Fall :48; Cole, CJI def Jackson, Har Fall :14
126 – Pew, Cir def Klinger, Pop Fall 1:29; LIddle, Chi def Genereaux, FBBS Fall 1:57; Casterline, Cir def Liddle, Chi Fall 1:36; Miller, She def Kilinger, Pop 10-1; Casterline, Cir def Miller, She 5-0; Pew, Cir def Genereux, FBBS 4-1
132 – Prattis, Chi def Snyder, Pop Fall :59; Hugnes, Har def Cole, CJI Fall :54; Pruttis, Chi def Eggebrencht, Cir Fall 1:31; Eggebrecht, Cir def Cole, CJI 5-3; Becker, Cir def Hughes Har 15-0
138 – Taylor, Cir def Schnabel, FBBS Fall 1:45; Correa, She def Blackcrow, Har 12-7; Schnabel, FBBS def Blackcrow, Har Fall :57; Taylor, Cir def Correa She Fall 2:48
145 – Reed, Chi def Brusven, She Fall 5:18; Ball, FBBS def Reed, Chi Default
152 – Brusven, She def Neubauer, Pop Fall 2:40; Larson, She def Neubauer, Pop Fall 1:05; Larson, She def Haver Chi 7-1; Brusven, She def Hauer, Chi Fall 5:54
160 – Mertz, She def Brunelle, Pop Fall 4:46; Geyer, GBBS def Sunchild, Har Fall 1:41; Geyer, FBBS def Brunelle, Pop Fall :56
170 – Axtman, FBBS def Sunchild, Har Fall 1:49
205 – Hanford, FBBS def Rider, Har Fall :39; Swenson, CJI def Pribbernow, Pop Fall 5:19; Pribbernow, Pop def Dunbar, Chi Fall 3:34
HWT – Wickum, CJI def Mount, Har Fall 2:53; Wickum, CJI def Lider, Har Fall 3:24; Swenson, CJI def Mount, Har Fall 2:39

Sandpoint, Idaho (SAND) def. Libby/Troy (LITR) 57-15

103: Jordan Birkhimer (SAND) over (LITR) (For.)
113: Daniel Zech (SAND) over (LITR) (For.)
120: Zac Kohal (SAND) over (LITR) (For.)
126: Casey Olesen (SAND) over Buddy Doolin (LITR) (Fall 2:46)
132: Zack Morrison (LITR) over Carver Davis (SAND) (TF 16-1 2:00)
138: Malachi Fleck (SAND) over Jeff Offenbecher (LITR) (Fall 2:44)
145: Trey Thompson (LITR) over Brady Nelson (SAND) (MD 10-1)
152: Cody Crace (LITR) over Neal Causey (SAND) (Fall 1:02)
160: Isaiah Fleck (SAND) over Hunter Hoover (LITR) (Dec 10-7)
170: Ryan McNelley (SAND) over Tucker Masters (LITR) (Fall 3:07)
182: Isaiah Caralis (SAND) over Daniel Rigney (LITR) (Fall 2:20)
205: Carson Mavity (SAND) over (LITR) (For.)
285: Evan Twineham (SAND) over (LITR) (For.)

Sidney/Fairview (SIFA) def. Dickinson, N.D. (DICK) 52-9

106: Houston Crimmins (DICK) over Kolby Hutzenbiler (SIFA) (Dec 4-2)
113: Kaiden Cline (SIFA) over Henry Nelson (DICK) (MD 2-12)
120: Joshua Johnson (DICK) over Jordan Darby (SIFA) (Fall 3:46)
126: 132: Aden Graves (SIFA) over Jaren Berger (DICK) (Fall 5:53)
138: Troy Berg (DICK) over Kade Graves (SIFA) (Dec 4-2)
145: Christian Dean (SIFA) over Devin Messer (DICK) (Dec 5-2)
152: Jace Winter (SIFA) over Dexter Carpenter (DICK) (MD 11-2)
160: Riley Waters (SIFA) over Tate Nordby (DICK) (Dec 11-6)
170: Trevor Dean (SIFA) over Caleb Usher (DICK) (MD 16-6)
182: Jett Jones (SIFA) over Tanner Jarrett (DICK) (MD 11-3)
195: Ryan Wyman (SIFA) over Wyatt Raines (DICK) (Fall 0:56)
220: Brodey Skogen (SIFA) over Tyler White (DICK) (Fall 3:29)
285: Trey Schepens (SIFA) over (DICK) (For.)