State A Legion Baseball: Bitterroot Bucs, Gallatin Valley Outlaws stay alive

Championship set for Wednesday
Posted at 10:57 AM, Jul 31, 2019

FLORENCE — - Bottom 1, this will help. Kyle Grevious crushes a two run homer to left. Puts the Outlaws up 2-0 after only two batters.
- Top 2, now Grevious helping with defense. Blake Kondor slow roller to first. Grevious barehand's it. Tosses to pitcher Michael Jones who wins a race to the bag for the out.
- Bottom 2, more offense for the Outlaws. Dalton Mitchell singles to left to bring in another run. 3-0 Gallatin Valley.
- Next batter, crazy play. Connor Johnson flares it over 2nd. Adam Vulcano almost makes an amazing catch, but can't hang on. But Mitchell thinks the ball was caught, starts going back to first. And Vulcano wins a race to second base for the force out.
- Next batter after that, Grevious again. Down the left field line, and fair by about a foot. Two runners score, including Johnson motoring around from first. Puts Gallatin Valley up 5-0.