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At Great Falls camp, Zadick brothers bringing next-level coaching, information to Montana wrestling

Posted at 4:12 PM, Jun 12, 2024

GREAT FALLS — Great Falls wrestling legends Mike and Bill Zadick returned to the Electric City this week to host their annual wrestling camp for kids.

Bill, the head coach for the United State Senior Freestyle team, has the summer Olympics in Paris right around the corner but found it important that he still made time to come back for this camp.

“In a state like Montana we are somewhat isolated from next level information. We as youngsters had to work really hard to get that information. We had to travel out (of the state) and there is a lot of expense, time, and sacrifice by families and parents,” said Bill.

Mike added that it was not just the sport of wrestling that impacted the brothers' lives, but it was the people that they encountered along the way. Having those people to look up to and receive guidance paved the way to their successful careers, and they now feel like it is their responsibility to pay it forward and be those people for as many kids as they can.

Now in their 12th year of running camps, the Zadicks have given countless knowledge to children that aspire to grow up and pursue a lengthy wrestling career. However, learning technique and skills are not the most valuable lessons that they hope to leave with the campers.

Mike referenced a quote from his late father regarding the need to have a higher level of mentality.

“Whatever you do in life, do it like a world champion. He said, I don’t care if you’re chewing gum, chew it like a world champion,” said Mike. “And if you can really resonate with that quote, everything you do in life you’re only going to have the highest level and expectation of yourself.”

At many of their camps, the Zadicks bring in a special guest to talk and teach the kids. This years guest was Vito Arujau, a 2023 World Champion. Arujau is also a two-time NCAA Division I national champion and loves passing along his knowledge to the youth to help create better wrestlers and continue to grow the sport.

“Definitely one of my passions is teaching what I know to other people and seeing if I can improve them as wrestlers and as people. I just want to help give back because wrestling has changed my life in so many different ways,” said Arujau.