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Valier hosts 4th annual ‘Triple P’ triathlon

Triple P Triathlon
Posted at 1:29 PM, Jun 10, 2023

VALIER — Valier has been hosting their "Triple P" since 2020 and Saturday morning continued their annual tradition. Participants are allowed to be in teams of two, three, or compete as an individuals as they kayak for a mile and a half, bike for 12 miles, and complete a 5K run.

When it all started in 2020, race director Carol Green set out a goal to bring more people to Valier, keep people active, and showcase their beautiful lake.

“We just had a vision for our town to have more tourist attraction and we have what it takes to have it,” said volunteer Jennie Becker.

“We’ve drawn people from Washington, Oregon, Utah, and even had a guy last year from Las Vegas,” said Green. “All over Montana of course as well. Our numbers were up this year from last year and a lot of people from outlying areas. It’s growing more outside the state than right here.”

Nature's beauty is a pleasure to see and a great reason to participate, but the triathlon holds an even larger purpose. The money raised from the event is used to build up the town and support local businesses. They are currently working on a fitness path and have recently installed benches along the lakefront for viewers to enjoy the mountains.

Whitefish native Dawn Lev has participated all four years and each year she has walked away with the first-place prize. She competed as an individual and finished with a time of 1:27:47.

“It feels really good, I feel lucky. I work really hard in the offseason and it motivates me to be able to work out and have a goal,” said Lev. “The race is awesome. It’s very competitive, fun, and there is a lot of people that do it for the first time and I think they enjoy it.”