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Transgender-athlete bill advances to Montana Senate

Montana State Capitol
Posted at 8:38 PM, Jan 27, 2021

HELENA — House Bill 112, which says athletes at Montana schools and colleges can compete only on teams that align with their gender at birth, continued on its procedural path to the Montana Senate on Wednesday.

The Montana House passed HB112 with a 61-38 vote along mostly party lines on its third reading on Wednesday. Thirty-three Democrats and five Republicans voted against the bill, which will now advance to the Senate.

The bill was introduced by Rep. John Fuller, R-Whitefish, on Jan. 5. The House Judiciary Committee passed the bill with an 11-8 vote on Jan. 21. The bill was then read in the House, passing its second reading with a 62-38 vote on Monday before passing its third reading on Wednesday.

The bill will next go through the same process in the Senate, which is made up of 31 Republicans and 19 Democrats.

If HB112 becomes law, it could potentially have wide-ranging effects on college athletics in Montana.