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Scottish Highland Games come to Bozeman

Scottish Highland Games come to Bozeman
Posted at 2:25 PM, Jul 31, 2021

BOZEMAN — On Saturday, the Scottish Highland games took place near the Dinosaur Park in Bozeman.

“It’s nice to be able to get down here again, get some throwing in, get some people together," said Justin Jessop, who runs the event. "We’re really excited to come down here and compete and get these games started here in Bozeman.”

The popularity of the sport keeps growing and growing and Jessop hopes to one day make it a must-see event.

“We’re trying to grow this to the point where we actually have the Scottish Clans coming in, we have the vendors coming in and hopefully in the near future we can grow this to be one the largest festivals not only in Montana, but the United States,” he said.

What participants enjoy is the feeling of being a part of something. It's competitive, but everyone is there to support each other.

“The family of it," participant Cally Stanek said when asked what her favorite part was. "Even though we are competing against each other at the certain events, overall, it’s just about getting your own (personal records). We’re always there to help cheer the other person on, help them get some coaching.”

Wes Goodman, who helped facilitate the first Bozeman Strongman competition was a competitor in Saturday's event and for him, it's just nice to pick heavy things up and chuck them."

“I love strength sports and the whole culture behind it," he said. "I think everyone is incredibly encouraging. It’s just a lot of fun to go out and throw stuff too.”

In the video at the top of the article, people can see how to do each and every event. Jessop says if you're interested in the sport, look him up on social meda.