Parker Breding riding at NFR with Chinook cancer survivor at heart

Posted at 6:26 PM, Dec 12, 2018
and last updated 2019-01-02 20:02:23-05

LAS VEGAS – Edgar bull rider Parker Breding is No. 2 in the PRCA bull riding world standings. If Sage Kimzey weren’t so hot this season, Breding would probably be on the way to winning his first world title. But it’s what he did back in July that was so cool.

Wacee Simenson, a 7-year-old rodeo fan from Chinook, was diagnosed with cancer in February. You can see he’s a cowboy at heart. In July, a championship buckle was donated in Wacee’s honor for the Bear Paw Rodeo in Chinook. Breding won the bull riding competition that day, and that turned out to be the buckle that was donated. So Breding turned about and donated it back to Wacee as an inspirational gift.

“Just kind of seeing the situation, I was hoping that would make his day to be able to give the buckle back,” Breding said. “So I was thrilled to be able to do that.”

Wacee Simonsen’s brother, Wylee, accepted the buckle Parker Breding donated back to Wacee after winning the Bear Paw Rodeo in Chinook. (Photo courtesy Wacee’s Warriors)

When that championship buckle was presented to Parker, Wacee wasn’t feeling well so he couldn’t be there. Instead, his brother Wylee accepted the buckle, and as fate would have it, that bull at the Bear Paw Rodeo seemed to add a little spark to Breding’s season.

“I had a really good little bull there that I hadn’t seen anywhere else,” Breding said. “Turns out he’s one of the better ones to have during the season now. He’s young, so he’s going to be around a while, too. I was one of the first guys to ride him. I think I was 84 points or so on him, and it’s going to be a lot more than that now. It was a pretty good little icebreaker for that bull.”

And great news for Wacee, who has been in and out of chemotherapy treatment – he was able to return to school eight days ago. How many kids do you know who admit they’re excited to go back to school?

To follow along with Wacee’s progress, head to the Wacee’s Warriors facebook page.

Wacee Simonsen went back to school on December 4th. (Photo courtesy Wacee’s Warriors)