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Montana ProRodeo personalities visit school in Great Falls ahead of Circuit Finals

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Posted at 6:05 PM, Jan 12, 2023

GREAT FALLS — The 44th annual Montana ProRodeo Circuit Finals is here, but before the bucking can begin some of the rodeos personalities made an appearance at Loy Elementary to talk to the fifth grade class.

Rodeo clown J.J. Harrison did what he did best — entertain and inform. The students of Loy had a blast while learning more about not just rodeos, but also life. Harrison promoted the rodeo to get the kids' interest, but even roped in the message of anti-bullying.

“It’s a little bit of promo to say come watch the rodeo, but it’s bringing our brand of kindness and anti-bullying message to the kids that can’t come down,” said Harrison.

He was joined by two bullfighters, J.D. Harrell and Dakoda Simmes, who went over their jobs at the rodeo and gave demonstrations on how to complete them. It meant as much for these professionals to share this moment wit the students just as much as it meant for the students.

“Without teaching anybody, our sport doesn’t go on,” said Harrell. “Being able to interact with them and show them what everything is about, knowing that a few of them might come up and go through the sport some time helps a lot, knowing the sport will continue on after we are gone.”

The first night of the rodeo is “Patriots Night,” and with Loy being located close to the Air Force base, many of the students come from parents who serve. J.J., J.D. and Dakoda all embraced that some of the kids may not be entirely familiar with the rodeo culture, but they enjoyed sharing their experiences with them and encouraged them to join the crowd during the Circuit Finals.