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Will Dissly stepping up for the Seattle Seahawks

Posted at 10:02 PM, Aug 15, 2018

SEATTLE, Wash. – Will Dissly may be a rookie with the Seattle Seahawks, but he is already acclimating to his new life in the NFL. The Bozeman native just competed in his first NFL game as Seattle took on the Indianapolis Colts in the first week of the preseason.

“From a rookie perspective, OTA’s was kind of just getting my feet wet and now my feet are underneath me, so we are just taking it stride by stride. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but definitely competing every day and it’s been a lot of fun,” said Dissly.

Dissly played his college ball at the University of Washington, one of the top programs in the nation, but the National Football League is proving to be a different kind of beast.

“It’s definitely a different speed than college, but same game hitting, running, catching the ball. I’m really excited to be a part of it and it’s going to be a good year,” Dissly said.

The 6-foot-4 tight end has adjusted well to the next level, finishing his first the game with two receptions for 19 yards.

“I was just told to come in and compete, that’s kind of the whole thing about the Seahawks, come in and compete and if you work really hard good things can happen,” Dissly said.

And his hard work on the field is being noticed by others on the field, including quarterback Russell Wilson.

“Dissly has been really impressive, in my opinion he’s been one of the stars of camp, to me. You expected a guy who would work really hard and be a good player, but he keeps showing up,” Wilson told members of the media after a recent practice. “Way more experience than any typical rookie and it’s exciting to see and we are going to need him, we are going to need him to step up in a big way.”

Head coach Pete Carroll really liked Dissly because of his blocking experience. He played two years on the defensive line for the Huskies before switching to tight end, and Carroll has said that he believes Dissly is the best blocker in the draft class.

Hard work is nothing new for the former Bozeman Hawk, who still holds the career record for receiving yards at his high school with 2,289. Last month at Brock Coyle’s camp at Bozeman High School, he echoed the same sentiment as Wilson.

“The biggest thing is taking care of yourself, staying in the playbook when you are away from the practice field, getting in your play book and working on your conditioning and working on your drills so you’re staying fresh and getting ready for camp,” said Dissly.

And he will continue to step up in a big way in any way Seattle asks him to.

“The cool thing about the Seahawks organization is they don’t set limitations on anyone,” said Dissly. “They want you to be the best player you can be and just find a role and be really good at it.”