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Polson's Delaney family looks to continue making mark on Missoula Marathon

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Posted at 5:23 PM, Jun 19, 2023

POLSON — When it comes to the Missoula Marathon, Polson's Jason Delaney has been one of the top runners for the past decade with a half dozen top-three finishes.

Delaney won't be able to participate due to an injury this year, but that doesn't mean his family won't be represented, as both of his daughters plan to keep the family name strong.

"I just feel really blessed to be able to have two daughters that enjoy the same sport I do," said Delaney, the 2013 Missoula Marathon winner. "That are showing some amazing successes and are enthusiastic for it, and are growing in the sport, and it's just really super fun for me."

While they’ve been running most their lives, Delaney’s daughters, now 12 and 14, have been able to join dad more on runs as of late.

"In the last year or two, it's become very frequent, they both join me pretty often," said Jason with a smile. "And I enjoy it more than running alone. I always loved to be just kind of a lone runner in the woods by myself, (but) nothing tops running with my daughters."

Delaney’s oldest daughter, Morgan, will be competing in the half marathon hoping to break the 14 and under record, and she’s been running ever since she could stand.

"My first time competing I was on a little kids track team when I was like 2½, 3, and I just have been running ever since," said Morgan Delaney.

Also a competitor at the Junior Olympics level, Morgan knows nothing beats family running time.

"I just like talking to them about your day and week," said Morgan. "And then you know you don’t have to really go too fast, and can just talk and invite friends and it's just fun."

And the youngest Delaney, Quinn, who will be competing in her first half marathon, couldn’t agree more.

"My favorite part about running with my sister and dad is that we get to talk," said Quinn. "And I like when we just run easy and when we go on really long runs."

The Missoula Marathon will take place on Saturday, June 25.