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Olympian Alison Weisz returns home to Belgrade

Olympian Alison Weisz returns home to Belgrade
Posted at 4:51 PM, Oct 05, 2021

BELGRADE — Last week, Friday through Sunday, Belgrade native and Olympic shooter Alison Weisz returned to her hometown to do various events. 

“I’m so honored to be back in Belgrade," she said. "It’s a place I don’t get to come home to very often. Just because the nature of my career and the sport has taken me away from it and away from my hometown and I only get to go home once a year prior to this.”

On Friday night she was the honorary person to do the coin flip before Belgrade's homecoming football game against Great Falls High.

“(I’m) a little nervous," Weisz said right before the coin toss. "Hopefully I don’t flip it wrong, but I do hope I can do the best for the Panthers and it turns out for the best in their favor.”

Earlier that day Weisz was able to hangout with a few of the special education classes at her former high school.

“(It) really means a lot to me," she said of interacting with the students. "That’s sort of something that I’ve always liked, enjoyed and appreciated those kids growing up, when I saw them so even still.”

She signed autographs and gave the students a black hat sticker that she wears on her Army uniform which symbolizes that you’re a part of the best of the best. Weisz is attached to the US Army Marksmanship Unit.

“That black hat symbolizes you being the best of the best and symbolizes being the best at whatever it is that you do," said Weisz. "I was super excited and honored to be able to give them that sticker and say, ‘Hey! When you were this sticker that means you’re the best of the best and you should always remember that.’”

On Sunday, the Army specialist visited with the Gallatin Valley Sharpshooters, the club where she began her shooting career.

“I’m excited to see their new range, their venue, what they’re working with," she said. "I’m excited to meet all the young athletes there competing and sort of remind them of the journey that it takes and then if you have a dream and how to follow it and what it takes to follow it, but how rewarding it is when you’re done.”

Since the Olympics, Weisz has had a little bit of downtime, but she has competitions right around the corner.

“I have a world cup final or the President’s cup is what it’s called this year, November 1-10 in Poland," Weisz said. "Which is the top 10 athletes in the world and it’s invite only, so you had to wait for an invite after the Olympics to get invited back to this competition. That’s what we’re gearing up for now.”