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No. 8-ranked Caden Mavity of Great Falls heading to CrossFit World Games

Caden Mavity
Posted at 2:07 PM, Jul 01, 2023

GREAT FALLS — Fifteen-year-old Caden Mavity started his CrossFit journey five years ago and will now be heading to the World Games in August as the No. 8 ranked athlete in his age group.

Mavity describes this opportunity as a long time dream come true after finishing 16th in the world wide open during his first year of competing.

“It’s been honestly incredible because throughout the years I’ve been through so much with this journey and all the ups and downs,” said Mavity. “Starting from rock bottom where you’re walking in and you know nothing, basically, and to get to here in five years is actually pretty crazy. I’m excited and ready to fight.”

Mavity began his CrossFit journey when he and his younger brother Rylan would tag along to their parents CrossFit classes and watch from the distance. Their mom said they would try to immolate the workouts in the kids area before they were old enough to join the class.

When they hit the right age to participate, they went all in and joined their parents in the extreme training. They now go by the CrossFit Four (@crossfit_four on Instagram) and uses the classes and workouts as family time to bond.

“Some families go watch a movie or go for a walk,” said Mavity. “We like to do CrossFit and workout and we feel really relived after. It kind of takes off the stress for thew whole day.”

As Mavity prepares for the world games, he is training seven days a week for almost five hours a day. He described his training as “doing everything” including swimming, lifting barbells, and even doing gymnastics. After missing the semifinals last year by nine spots, he decided it was time for him to go even harder in the gym.

“He decided then that he wanted to do homeschooling so that he could train more,” said Mavity’s father, Bo Mavity. “He wanted to do more programming so we found more programming for him and he puts in three to five hours a day on top of doing his school work.”

The CrossFit World Games are taking place in Madison, Wisconsin, from Aug. 1-6.