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Q2 AOW: Lockwood free sports camp brings coaches from around the country

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Posted at 4:16 PM, Jun 14, 2023

BILLINGS — Ngoni Mahosi has been coming to the Lockwood Free Sports Camp for over a decade.

A native of Zimbabwe and current resident of Jacksonville, Florida, Mahosi uses the week as an opportunity to educate the young athletes on the sport of soccer and his faith.

“More than anything this is about the exaltation of the Lord more than the soccer itself. I don't even consider my profile in soccer to be something else," Mahosi said.

Executive pastor Ray Willis is the main reason the camp is fortunate enough to have coaches like Mahosi.

“It's just his love for Christ. You might be talking about sports, you might be talking about soccer camp, basketball, you can be talking about the prison ministry. For him, he's not working at the sport or the prison ministry, he's looking at loving Christ," Mahosi said.

For the athletes and coaches, the week is about much more than athletics. Not only are they building their skill set and their faith, but they’re building lasting relationships with each other, too.

“The coach that has been like my father ever since we met, he's the head coach of the program when we coach soccer, he's so mature. He's one man that even tries to keep in touch with his kids and send them cards and everything. He's like a fatherly figure," Mahosi said. "The impact that he brings to the whole sports camp, to the kids, it's just amazing. It's only in the Lord and he brings maturity."

Mahosi has begun to bring his family to Montana in recent years to enjoy the peacefulness of the state, something you can’t find near Jacksonville.

“I don't like a lot of places, but you feel free in Montana. No buildings or anything, you can see as far as you want," Mahosi said. "It's just refreshing. It's the peace we've always been looking for and looking for in this life. When you coach in Montana, you feel like it's something like that."

This year’s Lockwood sports camp is expected to be its biggest yet and kicks off next Monday.