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Linked Adventures owner wants Butte biking community to rally together

Posted at 6:08 PM, Apr 13, 2020

BUTTE — Linked Adventures, a popular bike shuttling and tour business in Butte, was heading into its fifth year of operation. Sadly, like most businesses deemed non-essential during this time, the opening of the 2020 season has been suspended.

However, Linked Adventures co-owner Gina Evans believes when she resumes normal operations her skill set will bring people back to the sport.

“I feel I have made a reputation with my background of this area. I was born and raised in this area, former race director of the Butte 100. I understand these trails and I know what’s going on outside of these trails," said Evans. "I can’t get lost, I can get people found.”

For a business grounded in the fabric of Butte’s biking scene, there’s only one way to conquer the rocky road ahead.

“I see us all coming together and I see Butte coming together because we know what we need to do to represent, as we say, 'Butte Tough,'” said Evans.

So long as we’re allowed to participate in outdoor recreation while abiding by social distancing guidelines, enthusiasts like Evans recommend taking the time to enjoy what the Mining City has to offer right in its own backyards.

“Get out and enjoy it, because mentally we have to. And Butte does so much better when we are mentally happy and we have happiness all the way around us," she said. "Public lands, open areas, get out and enjoy yourself safely.”