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Highlights and reactions: First-ever Copper Classic held in the Mining City

Posted at 10:11 PM, Aug 31, 2019

The Gold Gloves Gym in Butte played host Saturday to the first-ever Copper Classic, a USA Boxing-sanctioned event that brought in amateur pugilists from all over Montana and even Spokane, Washington.

Fighters from weight classes ranging from 76 pounds all the way to the main event 140-pound fight stepped into one of the most historic rings in all the Treasure State in front of family, friends, and boxing fans alike.

Below are the results from Saturday's bouts.

76 lbs - Coy Miller - winner by unanimous decision (Beast athletics) v Tevita Tuipoloto (Small Ring Kings)
105 lbs - Anthony Espino - winner by unanimous decision (H-Town) v Kale Shore ( Billings Elite)
108 lbs - Issac Russell - winner by unanimous decision (Small Ring Kings) v Cayden McNeil (Anaconda Golden Gloves)
136 lbs - Justin Jette (Anaconda Golden Gloves) v Eli Wroblewski - winner by unanimous decision (Anaconda Golden Gloves)
85 lbs semi-main event - Tanner Blair Johnson - winner by unanimous decision (H-Town) v Chase Garland (Montana Golden Gloves)
140 lbs main event - Raven Walker (Billings Elite) - winner by unanimous decision v Brenden Roat (Montana Golden Gloves)