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Kalispell's Tyler Avery, Bozeman's Cora Rosanova take home Montana State Junior Golf titles

Posted at 11:23 PM, Jun 23, 2020

POLSON — On Tuesday morning, the second and final rounds of the Montana State Junior Golf Championships were decided at Polson Bay Golf Course.

The field was split into 13 and under, 14-15, and 16-18 age groups and divided by gender.

On Day 1, future Montana State Bobcat Cora Rosanova (16-18) shot a 71 to take a 10-shot lead into Day 2 over Kalispell's Marcella Mercer (16-18), who shot an 81.

On Day 2, Rosanova kept the foot on the gas and bested her first-day score by shooting a 70 in the final round. Mercer played an incredible round, as well, matching Rosanova with a 70 of her own. Mercer also drilled her first career hole in one on No. 9.

"Everyone in my group I was good friends with, so it was fun to have them there and have it to be able to be on a scorecard, and then posting it on the scoreboard was really fun," said Mercer.

However, Rosanova went on to secure a 10-shot victory.

"I honestly just wanted to play loose golf," said Rosanova. "I didn't really put any pressure on myself because I knew I would play uptight. I just walked in saying I need to play as best as I could and the score will just come out as it comes out."

On the boys side, two players emerged from the 14-15 group as Kalispell's Tyler Avery and Missoula's Kade McDonough both shot 2-under-par 70s on Day 1 to take a one-stroke lead over the field heading into Tuesday.

Two more golfers were in contention on Day 2, as Emigrant's Aubrey Kelley, out of the 13-and-under group, and Whitefish's Cameron Kahle (16-18) finished 2-under-par and 1-under-par, respectively.

Kelley went crazy on Day 2, ending with a 69 to win the boys 13 and under state title by 3 strokes.

"It gives me a lot of confidence because this is the first time I've won state and it makes me feel very proud of myself playing my golf game," said Kelley.

In the end, McDonough slipped to a tie for sixth place after shooting a Day 2 75 (+3) while Avery fought through missed fairways to an impressive 71 (-1) for the state title.

"It makes me feel great," said Avery. "I got third at (the Class AA state meet) last year and I'm hoping to get a little bit better this year, so it's giving me a good confidence boost heading into the season coming up."

Here are the final scores:

1*Rosanova, Cora18-3-27170141
2*Avery, Tyler18-3-17071141
3Kelley, Aubrey18-2-37369142
4Kahle, Cameron18-1-17271143
5Hackmann, Carson18E-37569144
T6Opitz, Joe18+1-57867145
T6McDonough, Kade18+1+37075145
T6Hackmann, Cameron18+1+37075145
9Boos, Zeke18+2-37769146
T10Braley, Jhett18+5E7772149
T10Bourret, Cooper18+5+47376149
T10Jensen, Reese18+5+77079149
13Groshelle, Eli18+6+17773150
T14Mercer, Marcella18+7-28170151
T14Gilbert, John18+7+27774151
T14Salonen, Will18+7+67378151
T17Noctor, Kaven18+8+37775152
T17Ellis, Hayden18+8+87280152
T19Lloyd, Ramey18+9E8172153
T19Schlimgen, Luke18+9+67578153
T19Engellant, Sam18+9+77479153
T22Godwin, Clay18+10+67678154
T22Boos, Meredith18+10+57777154
T24Walsh, Conor18+11+18273155
T24Connolly, Logan18+11+57877155
T24Walsh, Kenzie18+11+67778155
T27Field, Colin18+12+57977156
T27Greenwood, Macee18+12+57977156
T27Prigge, Jack18+12+77779156
T27Kilman, Marcus18+12+67878156
T31Adams, Haylee18+14+68078158
T31Nix, Johnny18+14+68078158
T31Bloomquist, Caswell18+14+68078158
T31Knarr, Cooper18+14+97781158
T35Pasquarello, Nick18+15+87980159
T35Mosser, Isaac18+15+48376159
T35Shepherd, Jarek18+15+107782159
T35Witham, Gabe18+15+97881159
T35Milton, Maxwell18+15+107782159
T40Wilailuck, Siam18+16+68278160
T40Hanson, Tanner18+16+38575160
T40Brandon, Jacob18+16+58377160
T40Philliber, William18+16+78179160
T40Boone, Ty18+16+137585160
T45Ewalt, Kade18+17+117883161
T45Weisenberger, Eli18+17+117883161
T47Nicholas, Ari18+19+98281163
T47Gradwohl, Landen18+19+68578163
T47Emerson, Hunter18+19+118083163
T47Field, Preston18+19+147786163
T51Kerr, Ginny18+20+88480164
T51Prigge, Ella18+20+118183164
T51Meyer, Logan18+20+128084164
T54Wagner, Cade18+21+68778165
T54Fornshell, Caleb18+21+108382165
T54Klein, Gavin18+21+78679165
T54Hoagland, Kodie18+21+108382165
T54Visser, Cullen18+21+118283165
T59Brunner, Tyler18+22+78779166
T59Hupka, Carson18+22+148086166
T59Epperly, Ezra18+22+118383166
T59Johnson, Isabella18+22+118383166
T59Flint, Konner18+22+108482166
T59Stenberg, Eli18+22+118383166
T65Ellis, Torrin18+23+88780167
T65Woods, Emma18+23+98681167
T65Rivenbark, Bryant18+23+118483167
T65Lewis, Katie18+23+78879167
T65Warren, Logan18+23+138285167
T65Benson, Samantha18+23+177889167
T71Toney, Peyton18+24+138385168
T71Cianflone, Max18+24+108682168
T73Fischer, Kadence18+25+98881169
T73Harvey, Ryan18+25+128584169
T73Grevious, Gage18+25+128584169
76Adams, Hannah18+26+108882170
T77Powell, Brady18+27+99081171
T77Warren, Dillon18+27+108982171
T79Teders, Dutch18+28+158587172
T79Engellant, Trey18+28+158587172
T79Williams, Lauren18+28+168488172
T82Rogers, Luke18+29+109182173
T82Nicholas, Malachi18+29+178489173
84Lloyd, Addiley18+30+129084174
85Olson, Bjorn18+31+168788175
T86Cripe, Joston18+32+198591176
T86Conat, William18+32+139185176
T86Suchecki, Carson18+32+198591176
T86Cannon, Cali18+32+158987176
T90Halferty, Sarah18+33+159087177
T90Nowlen, Willy18+33+159087177
92Vandersloot, Halle18+34+169088178
T93Smith, Riley18+35+159287179
T93Tanner, Chloe18+35+198891179
T93Visser, Cavan18+35+198891179
T96Lean, Kennedy18+36+189090180
T96Jensen, Colin18+36+189090180
T98Spangler, Caleb18+37+189190181
T98Ewalt, Trey18+37+189190181
100Olson, Landon18+39+199291183
101Priebe, Sara18+42+209492186
T102Williams, Tyler18+43+209592187
T102Nicholas, Mia18+43+229394187
104Washington, Rebecca18+44+179989188
105Thiel, Ellie18+47+239695191
T106Perkins, Michael18+48+239795192
T106Lund, Otto18+48+2991101192
108Weber, Wesley18+49+229994193
109Powell, Coby18+50+249896194
T110Lucas, Wyatt18+51+249996195
T110Feezell, Eli18+51+259897195
T110Tronstad, Jaxson18+51+2210194195
113Cross, Cole18+52+279799196
T114Schroeder, Keanen18+60+30102102204
T114Gage, Strider18+60+28104100204
T116Groshelle, Adam18+63+2710899207
T116Gage, Taegen18+63+32103104207
118Kallis, Oscar18+66+4197113210
T119Maki, Ashley18+67+34105106211
T119Sanders, Harrison18+67+29110101211
121Warren, Carter18+72+36108108216
122Helmuth, Sarah18+75+34113106219
123Ward, Xavier18+95+47120119239
124Nicholas, Eli18+130+65137137274