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Lightning strikes golf course in Sidney

Posted at 4:06 PM, Jun 28, 2019

SIDNEY – While Thursday’s thunderstorms brought a tornado and flash floods to several regions of Montana, another weather phenomenon left its mark on a golf course in Sidney.

Sidney Country Club shared photos of hole No. 5 after lightning struck the green.

Jason Lamb, the superintendent and general manager of Sidney Country Club, has worked on golf courses for 25 years, and this is the first time he’s witnessed lightning hitting a green.

“It did blow several electrical components in the controllers and electrical parts in several sprinklers,” he said.

Lamb was told the grass should grow out of it in a few weeks.

There were no reports of injuries. Sidney Country Club used the incident as an explanation of why golfers are not allowed on the course during a lightning storm.

(Photo courtesy Jason Lamb / Sidney Country Club)