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Polson PGA Jr. League to be featured on CBS special

Posted at 6:23 PM, Apr 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-27 13:13:59-04

POLSON — A youth golf program in Polson has seen exponential growth and tons of success, and that story is now being told on a national level. The Polson Bay PGA Jr. League team and instructor Cameron Milton will be part of a CBS special on Saturday.

Milton helped start the Polson team five years ago. In recent summers, he has seen participation increase from 13 to 33 to 72 kids signed up to play. Milton won the PGA Youth Player Development Award in 2018 for his work with the junior team, and he is excited to see how more attention on the successful program can help grow the game even more.

“When I saw the jerseys, when I saw the scrambles, when I saw the team-first and the mentoring and all of the other life skills that go along with golf, I thought this program was going to be a no-brainer,” said Milton. “Now, did I ever think that we would hit the levels that we have hit, not only in Polson, but also in Missoula and Kalispell? No. But it’s been awesome to see success throughout all of northwest Montana.”

Milton praises the team mentality the program promotes and has noticed how it can benefit golfers of all ages and abilities.

“You can take a 7-year-old who has never ever, ever played golf and a 13-year-old that’s ready to play high school golf, and this program serves both of those golfers,” said Milton. “Both of those golfers can have a great experience and be successful, and I think that is very unique.”

Milton and the Polson team will be part of the “PGA Jr. League: Join the Team” special airing on CBS at noon on Saturday before third-round coverage of the PGA Zurich Classic. They will highlight one particular Polson boy who has greatly benefited from the program.