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Noah Danielson in the midst of final season at Montana Western

Posted at 8:25 PM, Sep 19, 2022

GREAT FALLS — A lot can happen in seven years. It has for Noah Danielson. That’s the amount of time the former CMR Rustler will have spent playing football for Montana Western. At the end of this football season, the Bulldogs are losing one of their mainstays on the O-line. Danielson, knows his job well, having been in the trenches longer than most, and has kept his mentality the same from year one to now.

“I just try to stay hungry every day, really. I always have a goal every day when I go to practice, some I need to improve on and I just work at getting better at the small things really, and just trying to help the team win.”

Four years of college eligibility, redshirting, an injury, and COVID have made for a ride Danielson will never forget. Lots of memories can be made in seven years as well, and Danielson has plenty.

“Usually, I just think about all the good times I've had, all the teammates I've had. I like to think about, you know, how the program's grown since I've been here and just wanted to leave it better even when I'm gone.”

But even as he looks back, he also just looks forward to the next Saturday when he can suit up again in his last go at it. Danielson has proven to be a cornerstone of the dogs O-line, and he says he wants to be remembered as not only that but much more, as he aims to be an All-Conference player again and push his team to new heights.

“Honestly a good person and good leader is how I want to be known. You know, I've been a captain for five years and it's been it's meant a lot to me to do for the team. I just want to get the most out of this last year with my teammates and my coaches.”

At the end of the day and season, Noah knows he's a dog for life.

“Yeah, Western is the greatest decision I ever made.”