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Butte 100 organizers confident race will go on as planned this summer

Posted at 6:06 PM, May 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-03 16:22:59-04

BUTTE — As coronavirus continues to trend downward in Montana, Butte 100 organizers are confident that this year’s race, along with the Butte 50-mile and the Sorini 25-mile races, will go on as scheduled.

“The race is scheduled for July 25, and as of right now we are still proceeding, we’re planning ahead and we are very excited for the 14th annual Butte 100," said race director Stephanie Sorini.

But that doesn’t mean organizers are taking the safety precautions lightly.

“With racers coming from 20 different states and Canada, we have to be very thoughtful about the decision we will make," Sorini added. "But we’ll do it in the best interests of our racers, the community, and the state.”

Not only is the Butte 100 a key sporting event for the community, it also holds a very important economic impact, as well. Organizers are exploring all backup options in case the race isn’t able to be held in person, which means a virtual Butte 100 isn’t a far-fetched idea.

“By all means, I think it’s a possibility. We really want to see everyone truly enjoy this race, enjoy our backyard and everything it has to offer," said Sorini.

The reason organizers like Sorini are so passionate about making sure the event goes on as normal is because they know Butte will respond in the face of tough challenges, like it's done so many times before.

“I think, with our community, we are a resilient community. We rely on our strength, we rely on each other, and I think we are going to be able to bounce back much quicker than other communities because, for us, this is something we’re used to," Sorini said. "It’s not a bunch of us sitting around wondering what we can do next because we already know what we can do next.”