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Bozeman's Burian sisters making mark on BMX world

Burian sisters making their mark in the BMX world
Posted at 6:05 PM, Aug 12, 2020

BOZEMAN — At Westlake Park, the Burian sisters are making a dent in the BMX world.

“I just like the feeling," said Landon Burian.

“I like how it can get you stronger, you get to travel all over the world -- at least we get to," said Chase Burian.

The oldest, Landon, is 10 years old and ranked No. 1 for her age group. She started racing BMX when she was 5. Her 9-year-old sister, Chase, is ranked sixth for hers. She started when she was 4.

“Landon saw these bikers in (a) parade and she wanted to try it and I wanted to try it and we’ve just been doing it ever since,” said Chase.

Being close in age and both ranked nationally, that brings the best out of both of them on the track.

“I want to beat her really bad," said Chase. "She doesn’t want to be beat by me. So it pushes us even harder so we could try to keep beating each other.”

Their mom, Kristin Burian, spoke about the competitiveness that comes out when they race against each other.

“Last week we were at a race, little Chase beat Landon out of the gate so Landon pushed her off of Turn 1. They don’t care, they will bash each other, then wait at the finish line to see if they’re OK,” Kristin said.

Despite their mutual love for BMX, they couldn’t be more different.

“We’re not alike in many other things,” Landon said.

“We may look alike, but we’re not alike,” said Chase.

Landon enjoys swimming and and taking it easy. Chase is more outgoing, participating in gymnastics and, according to Landon, takes forever getting ready.

“She always spends like 10 minutes in her room getting reading,” said Landon.

Chase describes her sister as the opposite.

“Put on a pair of sweatpants and a shirt and I’m ready,” Chase said, describing her sister.

Kristin enjoys watching them race and seeing the relationship grow.

“It’s pretty fun to see them be completely different little humans, but the best of friends,” she said.

That could change a little bit if Chase ever wins.

“Chase has never gotten the win, so it will be interesting the day that it happens,” Kristin said.