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Billings Aquatic Club wins 6th Montana State Championship

BAC 2020 Swim Champs.JPG
BAC 2020 Champs.JPG
Posted at 4:55 PM, Mar 02, 2020

BILLINGS - Billings Aquatic Club swimmers slammed the door on a terrific February by winning three team championships, several individual titles and breaking multiple team records at the 2020 Montana Short Course Championships.

The BAC won the men's title with 549 points, the women title with 718 and this year's combined points title with 1267.

Thandi Kandawasvika qualified for her first age group regional meet in the 200 Free (2:23). Alyson Early earned her first trip to the Senior Zones meet in the 100 Free (56.1) and Liam Kerns broke the 17 & Over BAC 50 breaststroke record (26.5).

The relay team of Jon Pflughoft, Sawyer Keyes, Liam Kerns and Peter Thompson broke a 23-year-old BAC team record in the 200 Free Relay in 1:29.0.

State Champions
Vanessa Sheridan - 50 Fly, 100 Free, 100 IM, 100 Fly, 500 Free, 200 Free, 100 Free
Peter Thompson - 1000 Free, 200 Free, 500 Free, 200 Back, 1650 Free, 100 Free
Myrka Hardy - 400 IM, 50 Breast, 100 Breast, 200 Breast, 200 Free
Liam Kerns - 100 Breast, 400 IM, 200 Breast
Tucker Rice - 500 Free, 1000 Free, 1650 Free
Lexi Carey - 1000 Free, 1650 Free
Ella Klies - 200 Fly, 1650 Free
Samantha Sheridan - 1000 Free
Kaleb Montgomery - 100 Breast
Claire Kaufman - 200 Fly
Kylie Tininenko - 200 Fly
Long Huynh - 200 Fly
Carter Brown - 100 Fly
Myah Kunz - 50 Breast

Relay State Champions
10 & Under Girls - 400 Free Relay - V Sheridan, J Cancro, S Hasiak, Th Kandawasvika
10 & Under Girls - 200 Free Relay - Th Kandawasvika, J Cancro, S Hasiak, V Sheridan
10 & Under Boys - 200 Medley Relay - J Johnson, K Montgomery, C Brown, J Schmalz
11-12 Girls - 400 Free Relay - M Hardy, K Early, B Rehm, E Klies
15 & Over Boys - 400 Free Relay - J Pflughoft, L Kerns, S Keyes, P Thompson
15 & Over Boys - 200 Medley Relay - P Thompson, L Kerns, T Apps, J Pflughoft
15 & Over Boys - 200 Free Relay - J Pflughoft, S Keyes, L Kerns, P Thompson

This marks the BAC's third straight short course state championship and sixth year overall, including the long course season championships.

2020 BAC members: Taylor Apps, Megan Beers, Crystal Benjamin, Maria Bentz Joshua Bourke, Carter Brown, Ethan Brown, Ava Cancro, Josie Cancro, Lexi Carey, Anna Dumas, Ella Dumas, Mia Dumas, Alyson Early, Kelly Early, Parker Friday, Madi Garland, Alexa Githens, Daniel Githens, Dani Hanson, Mack Hanson, Myrka Hardy, Adrienne Hasiak, Robert Hasiak, Sophia Hasiak, Long Huynh, Calvin Johnson, Hailey Johnson, Jonas Johnson, Thandi Kandawasvika, Alysa Kaufman, Claire Kaufman, Kyla Kaufman, Teagon Kelsey, Liam Kerns, Sawyer Keyes, Ella Klies, Lauren Kimmet, Myah Kunz, Riley Kunz, Julia Lund, Cheyenne Maasch, Kaleb Montgomery, Nathan Paterson, Jon Pflughoft, Hailey Pilcher, Sennett Pizzolato, Syler Pizzolato, Bailey Rehm, Tucker Rice, Alivia Schmalz, Jonah Schmalz, Bennett Seitz, Lola Sheridan, Samantha Sheridan, Vanessa Sheridan, Alyssa Smith, Ellie Smith, Peter Thompson, Kylie Tininenko, Elizabeth Wendt, Samuel Wendt, Leighton Wilson, Jaycie Wippert, Greta Wolpoe and Tyler Zarbock.