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'Best place ever': Legacy Bike Park's 2023 Lift-Off a show for riders far and wide

Posted at 4:33 PM, Aug 21, 2023

LAKESIDE — Legacy Bike Park has only been around since 2021, but the huge downhill park located outside Lakeside is already attracting people from all over the country and the world thanks to events like their 2023 Lift-Off last week.

"Best place ever," said the U19 heat winner Bodie Mason.

Pro-ride winner Luke Whitlock, 23, heard about Legacy’s liftoff competition through Instagram, and after seeing images of the park he knew he had to come check it out for himself.

"It's an insane park, it's crazy," said Whitlock. "It's just tucked in the mountains out here and it's an incredible place. Got to ride some of the trails this morning and all time, it's awesome.

Having been riding for 10 years now, the Reno, Nevada, native knows it was well worth it to make his way up to Montana for the huge liftoff event.

"This is awesome, Legacy Bike Park is putting on an awesome event," said Whitlock.

"It's really showing the core values of free-ride mountain biking, and people just coming together, having some beers, having a sick event with some big jumps and everyone just stoked. There's no race pressure of timed races and all that so the vibes are just insane out here, it's awesome."

Mason is a local and only 16 years old, but he’s been riding at Legacy since its inception two years ago.

When asked about his favorite part about Legacy, Mason kept it as authentic as one can.

"Going big, flying like a bird through the sky," he said.

 After picking up riding from his aunt, uncle and sister when he was 9, Mason knows nothing beats Legacy.

"It's the best place ever, why wouldn't you come?" asked Mason. "Best place ever to come and rip your bicycle, smoothest trails, best jumps ever."