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Missoula Osprey looking for host families for 2019

Posted at 2:55 PM, May 02, 2019

(Story by Missoula Osprey)

MISSOULA – The Missoula Osprmiley is expanding their “Adopt-an-Osprey” host family program and are
looking for families who are interested in potentially housing a player(s) for the upcoming 2019 season that
begins this June. Each year in June, Osprey players arrive and are in need of summer housing. The “Adopt-an-Osprey” program provides Osprey players and area families an opportunity to participate in a program that
will enrich each person’s lives and experiences. Host families provide a safe environment for the Osprey
player to live during the season. In return, Osprey players pay modest rent and provide their own
transportation to and from the stadium. The goal is to provide housing opportunities for the entire team when
they arrive in mid-June.
“This program is designed to be a win-win for our players and community. Our past host family
relationships have help create lifelong friendships with our former Osprey players and the families they
stayed with. We have had such success with the host family relationships we have had in the past that
we are looking to expand the program to include the entire team,” explained Osprey Vice President
Matt Ellis. “Our Diamondbacks affiliation provides us players with high character who are so much
more than just baseball players. It is important to us to see them impact and integrate with our
community in a positive way. Our host family program is one of the many ways that helps provide that
opportunity. We look forward to expanding our program for our players and fans to help foster these
great moments and lifelong friendships.”
As one of the most important aspects of the players’ off-the-field development, host families provide members
of the Osprey team with a comfortable home, away from home. Often, players representing the Osprey come
from various parts of the United States – including many international athletes where English may be a
secondary language. Interested families are simply asked to provide sufficient and safe living arrangements,
with secondary details such as food, laundry usage, and wireless internet access to be mutually agreed upon
by the player(s) and their family. Players are responsible for their own transportation to and from the ballpark
(unless otherwise agreed upon) and are asked to obey the rules set forth by their household.
Missoula Osprey Professional Baseball Club
140 N. Higgins Ave.
Missoula, MT 59802
Ph (406) 543-3300
Families that live within the Missoula area and within a reasonable commute to Ogren Park Allegiance Field are preferred.
Interested families are encouraged to contact the Missoula Osprey at (406) 543-3300 with any questions and can apply to the Adopt-an-Osprey program via or by emailing