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3M Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge comes to Big Sky

3M Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge comes to Big Sky
Posted at 8:33 PM, Aug 13, 2021

BIG SKY — On Friday afternoon at the Wilson Hotel in Big Sky, the 30th 3M Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge took place. Many firefighters decked out in full gear showed off their skills to the community.

“It showcases what the best of the best in our profession are willing to do to keep their community safe," said Big Sky Fire's Shane Farmer, who brought the event to Big Sky.

It's the first time the competition is being held in Big Sky. Friday was just the individual portion of the competition and there’s people from all over the country participating, even one from Kuwait.

“It’s really special to me," said Farmer. "This is my 16th year competing and the first time I was able to bring to the community that I worked for. We have a lot of first timers from our department that are competing, along with some other Montana departments. We got people from Florida, Texas, Nevada, Washington -- there’s even a competitor from Kuwait competing. Totally a worldwide competition for sure.”

The action continues Saturday and is completely free.

“Tomorrow there’s a tandem event where two people share the work passing the baton back and forth," said Farmer. "There’s also a relay division where five people from the same department have a baton, so you’re maybe doing one implement of the course. It’s a lot faster, you’re passing a baton. There’s room for errors and stuff so it’s pretty exciting.”