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Bozeman gym holds fitness challenge charity event for local firefighter

Posted at 11:13 PM, Jun 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-17 18:23:36-04

BOZEMAN – Fitness junkies from around the Gallatin Valley gathered at Prime Performance and Physio in Bozeman on Saturday to test their weightlifting limits for a great cause.

The gym held a benefit event for Bozeman firefighter Jon Paulson, who was diagnosed with brain cancer in December. It featured Strong Man competitions like dead lifts and a yolk carry. But the hardest test of them all was brought in by the Central Valley Fire Department, a truck pull of one of their very own fire trucks, which weigh more than 50,000 pounds.

The proceeds for the event are going to Paulson to help aid in his recovery. His wife, Kristy, was blown away by the support shown by the community.

“I feel very grateful, honored, humbled and really proud of where we live and the people, because I know people treat people this good here,” Kristy said. “I’m proud to be in Bozeman, I’m proud of my brother and everyone at the gym that helped. I just feel really, really humbled that people would take time out of their day to help us.”

Jon had a successful surgery earlier this year that removed most of the tumor, and his latest MRI showed now new growths. He has been back at work since May. Another silver lining? Paulson couldn’t even make his own event on Saturday because he was working, protecting the community and keeping it safe through his fight.