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USA Hockey legend Mike Eruzione keynote speaker at Gallatin Ice Foundation Gala

Posted at 9:16 PM, Apr 06, 2019

BOZEMAN — The Gallatin Ice Foundation held its ninth annual gala Saturday at Commons in Bozeman to help raise funds to finish its Ice Barn project.

The foundation is hoping that it will secure the necessary funds needed to start the remodel of Haynes Pavilion into a state-of-the-art ice arena that will be able to hold large hockey, figure skating, and ice sport events. It will also encourage more kids to pick up an ice sport and get involved in something that is not as popular in Montana as it is around the country.

What better way to raise publicity for it than to host USA hockey legend Mike Eruzione, the man who created the “Miracle on Ice” moment in the 1980 winter Olympics in lake Placid, N.Y. Eruzione was the keynote speaker at Saturday’s gala, saying that giving kids the outlet to channel their energy into something productive is why he gets involved with projects like these.

“To me, it’s important to give back. I said this the other day to someone: My mother always told me if you have an opportunity to help others, do that. You know, because of what happened in 1980 I have that platform to be able to do things like this and create an awareness, 1) for the game of ice hockey, and, you said earlier, for figure skating, as well,” said Eruzione. “So, a year-round facility here is going to give young boys and girls a place to go and something to do. And I’m not saying they’re going to play pro hockey. Some of them may go on to college and play at the college level, but it’s at least something for them to do, somewhere for them to go, so they’re not hanging around street corners, you know, not doing the right thing. So, to have a facility year-round is again an opportunity for kids.”