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Two Missoula gymnasts making waves on the national scene

Posted at 6:47 PM, Nov 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-28 22:23:36-05

MISSOULA – Kaetlyn Tenesch and Chloe La are two gymnasts in the elite program at Mismo gym in Missoula.

Kaetlyn and Chloe have both been doing gymnastics for as long as they can remember, and it has paid off.

“You know, with all the ups and downs of growth spurts and things like that that happen, she’s really kind of stepped her game up in terms of how she works in the gym and becoming a leader,” said Coach Christopher Bushard. “And Chloe La, who is a super rockstar kid, does everything she’s told and has great form and attention to detail.”

This month, the two were invited to and attended the USA developmental invite-only camp. It was Tenesch’s fourth time and La’s first.

“It’s really fun, because not many people get that opportunity to do it, so I’m very thankful that I get to go there. Every time I come back I feel a little more confident in my gymnastics,” said Tenesch.

“It was really fun. The gym was really cool and I learned a lot,” said La. 

The camp allows the kids to get top-notch experience with national level coaches. And if the kids continue to do well, it leads to a path with an opportunity for the Olympics.

“If they continue to make progress in this, it kind of leads towards developmental team, which is our national team for younger kids and the national team, which is the kid you see going to the Olympics.” Bushard said. “And they are working with all the same coaches, all the Olympic coaches, and they help us develop plans for the kids.”

“I want to try to get on the developmental team and the national team,” said La. 

“My goal is to be on the national team or collegiate gymnastics,” said Tenesch. 

Not only is the camp beneficial for the kids, but the gym as well. When Kaitlyn went to her first camp, she was the first gymnast from Montana to ever be invited. Now, more kids are following in her path. 

We’ll see where these two can go with their gymnastics careers, but the future is bright.