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Trick play touchdown from Lewistown leads the KRTV Gamechangers (Mon Oct 15)

Posted at 6:20 PM, Oct 15, 2018

#5. Carson McGinness out here looking like Fran Tarkenton!

Chester-Joplin-Inverness at Centerville. Watch this crazy play. Carson McGinness drops back, he’s gonna escape two sack attempts, then cuts inside, breaks another tackle and then laterals it back to Blayne Kohut for the first down! Wild play! Centerville gets the dubya and a playoff berth.

#4. Klucewich with the grown man catch!

Hamilton taking on Frenchtown. Cade Baker going deep downfield and look at Jace Klucewich come up with the clutch grab over his defender and he’s gone! But Hamilton gets the win.

#3. Christian Hensley saves the game for Glacier!

Helena Capital at Glacier. A big play here Capital’s Bridger Grovom finds Brady Martin who has some open space and looks to be headed for the end zone but great a effort from Christian Hensley who strips Martin from behind and Glacier falls on it! The Wolfpack find a way to win and keep their playoff hopes alive.

#2. Sullivan’s superb scoring snag!

Great Falls High at Butte. Tommy Mellot throws a rainbow into the end zone here and check out Quinn Sullivan hauling it in with the defender all over his back! Insane effort there! Butte gets the big win.

#1. Lewistown dials up some imagination! 

Lewistown at Billings Central.  Mitch Norslein throws out to Seth Norslien, who fires deep for Jake Clinton, he’s got it!  Outruns the Central defense for the 58-yard score on the trick play! But Billings Central would get the win.