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Dawson Allen’s punt return touchdowns lead the KRTV Gamechangers (Mon Sept 24)

Posted at 9:27 PM, Sep 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-24 23:27:09-04

#5. Sneed right up the gut…and he’s gone! 

We begin with college football Sacramento State vs. Montana. Dalton Sneed fakes the pitch outside, that fools the defense and opens a huge running lane down the middle for the quarterback! No one’s catching Sneed and he’s off to the races! A 75 yard touchdown gallop and the Griz get a huge victory at home.

#4. Everett Fred, a.k.a. “Randy Moss 2.0”!

High school football, Big Sky on the road against Great Falls High. Andrew Gardanier throws up a jump ball to 6’5 Everett Fred and he comes down with it for the touchdown! On the replay watch Fred give his best Randy Moss impression on that catch! But the Bison get the win.

#3. Gabe Gonsioroski turns a negative into a huge positive! 

6-man ball Richey-Lambert vs. Geraldine-Highwood. The snap goes over everyone’s head here! But Gabe Gonsioroski corrals it..finds Tyler Thiessen right at the goalline and he’s for the touchdown! But Geraldine-Highwood would get the win.

#2. Chris Hust saves the day for his teammate! 

Colstrip at Huntley Project. Crazy Play…Rylan Devries swings it to Asher Croy…Breaks a couple tackles, BALL POPS OUT…but Chris Hust is Johnny on the spot…Picks it up with one hand! There’s no one to catch him! To the house…65 yards in all, but Colstrip gets the win.

#1. You don’t kick to Dawson Allen…because he’ll make you pay over and over

Fairfield at Cut Bank. The Wolves have to punt to Dawson Allen and the track stud does the rest! He finds the right sideline and no one is catching him! He is gone for the 60 yard TD!…..Then on the VERY NEXT punt return and AGAIN Allen makes the team pay! This time he takes it 70 yards down the same sidelines to the house! His second straight return touchdown! You’d think teams would be kicking away from that guy by now! Fairfield wins.