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Remarkable behind-the-back catch leads the KRTV Gamechangers (Mon Sept 17)

Posted at 6:49 PM, Sep 17, 2018

#5. Noah Ambuehl showing he’s got wheels!

Battle of the 8-man undefeateds, Great Falls Central vs Choteau. Quarterback Noah Ambuehl goes right up the gut, splits the defense and the big man is LOOSE!!! A 70 yard touchdown from the big quarterback!

#4. Brady Tabish picking the pocket of Missoula Hellgate!

Missoula Hellgate taking on Missoula Big Sky. Rollie Worster airing it out down field, but watch Brady Tabish. Not even looking at the ball he times it perfectly and rips the ball away for the interception! Big Sky gets the win.

#3.Ambuehl’s prayer is answered by an insane catch from Isaac Armstrong!

Same game. On fourth down, Ambuehl just heaves up a prayer for Isaac Armstrong and check out this insane juggling catch for the first down!! Wow! On the replay, look at the excellent contraction from Armstrong as he hauls it in! Central pulls away in the second half for the win!

#2. A tipped touchdown hauled in by Townsend’s Mark Idland!

Townsend on the road against Manhattan. Tyson Racht drops back, scrambles out of the pocket and sends it deep to Zach Idland in the end zone who bobbles it but hauls it in for the TD! Townsend gets the win.

#1. Mason Murray comes down with a remarkable behind-the-back catch! 

Whitefish visiting Corvallis. Watch this crazy play! Liang Liedle tosses to Jace Barcus and the receiver throws it deep to Mason Murray, and check out that catch! He somehow grabbed that ball behind the defenders back to haul it in! On the replay, Murray somehow hangs on to the ball with the defender draped all over him! That has to be catch of the year so far! Whitefish gets the win though.