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Super Bowl Champion Matt Ulrich headlines new gym in Bozeman

Posted at 11:29 PM, Sep 08, 2018

BOZEMAN – Prime Performance and Physio had its grand opening Saturday afternoon in Bozeman. Fitness enthusiasts from all around the area attended to check out the gym and compete in events like a truck pull. It’s a power lifter’s heaven, with tons of platforms, a yolk carry, sleds and a 40-yard long turf track. And it’s even caught the attention of a Super Bowl Champion.

Matt Ulrich, a former Indianapolis Colts offensive lineman who won Super Bowl XLI against the Chicago Bears, is part of the staff. He now runs a strength training class out of the gym.

“I call it the ‘Get Better Gym.’ People come here because they want to get stronger, they want to get healthier, they want to get faster,” said Ulrich. “You go in to train and improve yourself.”

Power lifting may seem daunting to many, but Ulrich says this gym is made for all walks of life, from beginners to even NFL linemen.

“I’ll be working out next to a 60-year-old woman,” said Ulrich, who spent two seasons in the National Football League. “It’s kind of an underlying principle at Prime where everyone learns to do a deadlift. So whether you are using the bar or pulling 600 pounds, everyone is using those mechanics.”

Ulrich’s main focus at Prime Performance & Physio is to coach and train high school athletes. He loves giving back the knowledge that he’s learned throughout his professional career and seeing his students grow.

“(My students) energize me. I’m a better person when I’m coaching and working with these guys, because football and training is in my DNA. So for my opportunity to work with these guys and see them get to their potential and live their dreams, that’s the fun part. And to see them learn what I’ve learned over the decades, it’s been a blast,” Ulrich said.

Prime was created by owner Billy McClenahan. The goal was to not only give people a new place to lift, but McClenahan and other members of the staff are licensed physical therapists whose goal is to aid gym-goers in achieving a higher level of fitness and rehabilitate injuries to reach higher results.

For more information,you can visit Prime’s website.