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One handed score from West’s Jesse Owens leads the KRTV Gamechangers (Mon Aug 27)

Posted at 6:14 PM, Aug 27, 2018

#5. Bobble, stumble, spin move, touchdown for Trenton Durocher!

Choteau taking on Ennis down in Butte for some 8-man action. Johnny Rappold hits Trenton Durocher who juggles the ball, almost falls down then puts the defender in the spin cycle and crosses the endzone for the TD. Choteau gets the win.

#4. The Colstrip defense working on the tip drill!

Colstrip against Whitehall at Rocky Mountain College. Devin Woody going deep for his receiver but his pass is tipped not once but twice and is picked off by Jackson Currier. He adds on a great return and Colstrip would roll.

#3. Ryan Simpson plucks the ball out of the sky and gets both feet down for the TD!

Missoula Hellgate on the road against Bozeman. Kris Brown drops back and he’s gonna air it out to Ryan Simpson sky high in the end zone, both feet down for the td! Let’s check the replay, spectacular effort from the 6’5 basketball player! Bozeman gets the dubya.

#2. Glacier with the sneaky trick play touchdown!

Glacier on the road against Billings Senior. Evan Todd pitches it to Drew Deck and the lefty comes up throwing! Perfect spiral to a wide open Colin Bowden in the end zone for the trick play TD! Senior would win though.

#1. Jesse Owens already has the catch of the year…and it’s only week 1!

Missoula Big Sky taking on Billings West. Josh Erbacher rolls right, throws to Jesse Owens who’s double covered but he somehow pulls in that ball with one hand for the insane touchdown! On the replay Owens pulls the ball away from the defender and says, “nope, that’s mine!” West gets the win.