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Crazy 4-run play from Billings Mustangs leads the KRTV Gamechangers (Mon Aug 13)

Posted at 6:26 PM, Aug 13, 2018

#5. The Geraldine-Highwood football team gets a adorable visitor!

We start with the most adorable video of the week. At the Geraldine-Highwood football practice, a random Basset Hound shows up and look at this, literally walks up underneath the right guard asking for some attention and then rolls over in its back wanting a belly rub! This is literally the coolest dog in the world. The players even had to pick it up and take it away from the huddle because it was disrupting practice. All I can say about this is, this dog needs to become the Rival’s new team mascot as soon as possible!

#4. Luke Banderob is already in mid-season form!

First football practice of the year for Great Falls High. Luke Banderob is out here in mid-season form. Check this catch over the defender, ball thrown behind him but Banderob never takes his eyes off the ball, comes back and makes the catch with the defender all over him. A positive sign for Bison fans from their starting wideout as the season looms closer.

#3. Reese Hiibel showing his case for why he should be the starter for the Saints!

Carroll College football scrimmage at Nelson Stadium. Quarterback Reese Hiibel makes a great play here, drops back, then avoids the rush in the pocket, then launches a rainbow downfield into the hands of a wide open Troy Arntson for the touchdown. You know coach Mike Van Diest loved that play, as the Saints get ready for the season.

#2. What a wild week for Power’s Jessy Davis!

To the rodeo! How about the week Power’s Jessy Davis had in the bareback event. First he gets the second best overall time at the Missoula Stampede with an 82.5 score. Then at the Bozeman Stampede he won the bareback event with an 85 score riding the horse by the name of Prairie Rose! Davis walked away with 3,200 dollars combined from both rodeos. That man is having a good year!

#1. The craziest baseball play you’ll ever see!

We go to the ballpark, Billings Mustangs hosting the Ogden Raptors. Watch this crazy play. Bottom of the fifth, bases loaded, Zeek White smacks it right to the shortstop but that bounces off his leg, that brings in a run. Here comes Juan Martinez to score a second run. But the throw behind the play to get White at second was wild, so here comes Carlos Rivero to score a third run. White goes to third who initially decides to stay put, but watch the ball go by for another wild throw. So White turns around and he’s coming home. All four runners score! The craziest part, those were the only Billings runs of the game and that White run decided it! Mustangs won 4-3.