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Web gem by Helena Brewers outfielder leads the KRTV Gamechangers (Mon July 30)

Posted at 6:23 PM, Jul 30, 2018

#5. Cache Hill turns into Cash Money!

Helena’s Last Chance Stampede rodeo. How about University of Providence alum and Baker native Cache Hill with an impressive 83.5 point ride in the bareback event to claim the second best time of the weekend.

#4. Former New York Giant showing us how to wrestle with an ornery ol’ steer!

We stay at the rodeo for steer wrestling. How about this, former tight end and Super Bowl champ with the New York Giants Bear Pascoe, 4.1 seconds for the third fastest time of the weekend! Not bad at all for a former NFL player!

#3. Pablo Abreu tracks down the ball and pays a visit to the ivory vines! 

Pioneer League Baseball, Helena Brewers vs the Great Falls Voyagers in Saturday’s game. Ramon Beltre gives this ball a ride to deep center and watch Pablo Abreu track it down with the over the shoulder snag and runs into the ivory there in the outfield. Great effort by number 12! Let’s check that replay, Abreu really had to fly to track that ball down for the catch. More from this game later.

#2. Ward makes a terrific diving catch for Helena! 

More Brewers defense in another game against the Voyagers. Beltre again smacks this ball to left but Je’Von Ward is right there to make the diving catch for Helena! On the replay, Ward took the wrong angle to the ball so he chose to dive at the last second to make the stunning catch. Brewers get the win.

#1. 71 percent of Earth is covered by water, the rest is covered by Pablo Abreu!

Back to Saturdays game. Steele Walker hits a line drive to center and it’s Pablo Abreu again making the sprawling catch for the web gem! Abreu making plays all over the place in center field! On the replay he times it all up perfectly to come up with the ball, and the Brewers would win this game as well.