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Garrison Rothwell’s insanely elusive touchdown pass leads the KRTV Gamechangers (Mon July 23)

Posted at 6:56 PM, Jul 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-23 21:01:58-04

#5. Seth Schneider is one elusive dude!

Helena Capital’s big bruising running back Seth Schneider takes the handoff on a draw play up the middle and he just won’t go down! He breaks five tackles as he zig zags throw the defense all the way down the field for a 26 yard gallup from the big man! What a run!

#4. Austin Green with the most perfect touchdown toss you’ll ever see!

West knocking on the door, Austin Green from Columbia Falls lofts a beauty of a pass to Helena Capital’s Conor McCarvel in the left corner of the end zone for the touchdown! On the replay watch how perfect of a throw Green’s pass was, just barely over the reach of both Damien Nelson from CMR and Si Ryan from Billings West right into McCarvels hands for the score!

#3. Gabe Kirkley hauls in the deflected pass for the interception!

CMR’s Garrison Rothwell fires over the middle to Sunburst’s Treyton Pickering but it bounces off his hands and look at Dillon’s Gabe Kirkley stretch to haul in the deflected pass for the first turnover of the game for either side! On the replay, Kirkley’s eyes never leave the ball and he tracks it down to make a huge defensive play for his team.

#2. Garrison Rothwell fakes out the defense for an 80 yard beauty of a score!

Rothwell evades the rush, up in the pocket, the corner bites on the pump fake and he goes deep and finds Billings Senior’s Ben Lebeau all by himself and he’s gone for one of the easiest 80 yard touchdowns of his life. Rothwell fakes out everybody on that touchdown play, even the cameraman! Rothwell wins the MVP.

#1. Rothwell’s at it again, he amazingly evades two sack attempts, then fires a touchdown!

Rothwell drops back and watch him just sneak out of not one, but two sack attempts and then he finds Pickering for the first touchdown of the game! What elusiveness from Rothwell! Breaks two tackles, still has his eyes looking downfield then throws the touchdown while a player tugs at his jersey! What an insane effort from Rothwell! That’s why he won the games MVP.