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A great combined play from two Voyager players leads the KRTV Gamechangers (Mon July 2)

Posted at 6:07 PM, Jul 02, 2018

#5. Alfaro tracks down his man on base.

Pioneer league, Helena Brewers vs. the Great Falls Voyagers. Chad McClanahan takes off for second but catcher Jhoandro Alfaro tracks him down with this throw that’s just in the right spot for the out! Great play! The Brewers get the win however.

#4. Eddie Hernandez doesn’t believe in using a glove!

The Voyagers are taking on the Missoula Osprey. Lenyn Sosa chops this one shallow left and look at Eddie Hernandez with the bare handed snag and then the whip over to first to get the out!

#3. Sanchez’s laser beam double play.

Same game, Maiker Feliz pops this up into right field here to David Sanchez who’s hat falls off. He makes the catch and then check out this laser beam throw to home plate to get Amado Nunez out for the double play! Talk about being on your toes! Voyagers get the dubya.

#2. Amado Nunez dives…and gets the out from his rear?

Osprey and Voyagers in another game. Then how about some defense? Luis Cossio thinks he has a base hit in right but check out the dive from Amado Nunez and then he throws it over to first from the seat of his pants for the out! Voyagers win.

#1. Lenyn Sosa and Codi Heuer combined efforts make for one awesome web gem!

Great Falls on the road against the Billings Mustangs. Jake Turnbull hits it to the hole in right but Lenyn Sosa reels it in, spins and fires it to first and check out Codi Heuer, the pitcher stretching to get the out! Fantastic play from both players in a Voyager win!