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A night at the Gallatin Speedway

Posted at 10:45 PM, Jun 22, 2018

BELGRADE — Fans were excited to see the clouds part on Friday and bring some sunshine down on the Gallatin Speedway. Their weekly races have been postponed for two weeks now due to rain, so Friday was a big event.

Friday’s first heat featured the Modifieds, all competing for a spot in the main event later in the evening. The event also featured Late Models, Super Stocks, and Street Stocks, as well.

It was a nice turnout for the showing, but to some fans it is much more than watching cars circle a track — it’s a lifestyle.

“I don’t race,” Devon Pedersen said. “I am actually pit crew for Pam Williams who drives 23 Modified. I’ve been doing this for about nine years now for her team. My favorite part is working in the pits, making sure car’s running great, doing all the motor work. Making sure the car runs good for her and that she has a fun time. She’s the only girl driver out here and she just comes out here and has fun with it.”

Pedersen’s best friend, Ian Hodges, consider’s himself his right-hand man but enjoys the entertainment aspect of the event, as well.

“It draws me out here because I like the nice weather and getting a little tan,” Hodges said, “and anything that makes noise is real fun to be around, that’s always a good time.”

For more information on the weekly events, you can visit their website.