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Andy Curtis: Last-minute training tips for Helena’s Governor’s Cup

Posted at 2:58 PM, Jun 08, 2018

HELENA — The second Saturday in June means Helena will be flooded with runners from all over the state and country for the annual Governor’s Cup.

Like many, I’ll be running in the race for the first time this weekend. Not knowing what I’m doing, I went to the experts to get some tips on how to operate at peak preformance.

“Just make sure you are drinking water,” Capital City Health Club trainer Tasha Herman said. “Even electrolytes and things, just to keep your body hydrated, because I think Saturday is going to be a pretty hot day. I’ll show up to the race a little early, so I can warm up, jog around the block, do some jumping jacks, something, because you don’t want to start the race with cold muscles, either. No static stretching, because that could lead to injury.”

Now bursting with confidence and Herman’s advice fresh in my mind, I set out on a pre-race run

“I think at the start of the race make sure you’re not rushing out with everybody else,” said Herman. “Just kind of find your comfortable pace and sit there for a little bit, and if you feel really good, I think then maybe try and go a little bit faster, try and get the pace going a little bit and see how you feel. Just make sure you really enjoy yourself. I think if you don’t stress too much about it I think you’re really going to enjoy the race, and it is a lot of fun. It’s what brings people to Helena for this weekend. Just make sure you’re enjoying yourself, you’re relaxed and, when you get done, I think it’s so fun to take a picture at the finish line with whoever you ran with or who is cheering you on.”

The 2018 Governor’s Cup is Saturday morning in Helena. You can find the race route maps at the links below.

Governor’s Cup 5K Route

Governor’s Cup 10K Route

Governor’s Cup Half-Marathon Route

Governor’s Cup Marathon Route